About My Reedmaking...

Freshly clipped, soaked and ready to be finished.

My reed studies began with my first teacher, Roger Soren. He taught me the basics of forming and scraping the reed. After studying with him I went to study with Dr. Keith Sweger where the majority of my reed making skills were developed. I learned the general ins-and-outs, dos-and-don'ts of reed making as well as how to develop a solid reed that will allow the player some freedom. While with Dr. Sweger I also had the opportunity to study reed making with people such as Matthew Morris, Terry Ewell, Marc Goldberg, Mark Ortwein and Jim Poe to name a few. These opportunities helped me develop the sound concept and style of reed I think would be ideal for a student and a professional. They helped me figure out reeds for different settings- playing Rite of Spring, or Tchaikovsky No. 6. 

Since I came to Boston, I have studied reed making with Margaret Phillips, Ron Haroutunian, and doing a lot of experimenting on my own. These two pedagogues both have great knowledge of the Skinner method of reed making, as well as various other types due to the various demands of being a freelance musician in New England.